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Travel Insurance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides an emergency medical travel insurance for Emiratis travelling abroad. The name of the insurance product is Musafer and it is managed by National Health Insurance Company –Daman. The programme aims to protect UAE nationals and their families from unexpected expenses due to a medical emergency abroad.

The program will cover emergency treatment for UAE nationals in any international health facility and it covers inpatient and outpatient medical emergency services. Under the program, a yearly insurance plan costs AED 399 for adults (19 years and above) and AED 250 for children (18 years and below). The coverage is for one year and applicable for multiple trips up to a length of 90 days each.

Learn more about the benefits of the policy and obtain it directly from Musafer.

When you are outside the UAE, you may not be adequately insured against accidents, repatriation, and loss of luggage or cancelled flights unless you have obtained separate travel insurance. International travellers have found it convenient to purchase travel insurance online either from their airline which has tied up with an insurance provider or from insurance providers directly. The most common travel insurance policy is single-trip travel insurance which covers you for one holiday within a specific time period (example 5/15/30 days). Frequent international travellers may opt for multi-trip travel insurance which provides coverage for several trips over a longer duration.


Do ensure that your travel insurance policy covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and personal liability, cancellation of flight, baggage delay and loss/theft of your luggage. Do note that some pre-existing medical conditions or risky sports activities are not generally covered under standard policies, though some insurance providers can cover these exclusions for a higher premium.

A single-trip policy covers you only for a specified holiday/ trip, whereas an annual policy will cover you for multiple trips made during the year without having to notify us. The cover and the limits offered for our annual and single trip policies are identical.

An annual cover policy is more suited for someone who is likely to travel more frequently as it is more cost efficient.

Individuals less than 18 years of age are classified as children while anyone over this age is classified as an adult.

Many sports activities are covered and some hazardous activities are covered only if professionally organized and supervised such as bungee jumping and white water rafting.